Memory about the first song of Mayday (Wu yue tian) I heard.

Mayday or 五月天 (wu yue tian) is one of my most favourite bands in the world. All the members are Taiwanese. I love their music especially the lyrics as some are inspiring and some are kind of philosophical to me.

The first song of Wu yue tian I heard is “Heng Xing de Heng Xin” (Star of Perseverance). The rhythm is catchy. And as I didn’t know much about the band and how to get to know more, I started to look for other songs.  I would say that knowing Wu yue tian brought me the chinese lessons from the time on.

Up until now, I’ve got many CD’s of the band and had  a bit of Chinese skills. I could sing the songs while doing things naturally joyfully.

I love Mayday. 🙂